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Frugal Fix – Spatula edition

In a moment of forgetfulness I walked away from a pan I had on the stove. With my glass stove top it is easy to forget that the burner is still on. I had left a plastic spatula leaning against … Continue reading

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It’s a jungle out there

Sundays at A Frugal Spinster are dedicated to showing off some of the cakes we’ve made recently at the bakery that I work at as a decorator. I hope you enjoy the cakes featured this week. As you can see … Continue reading

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New Portfolio Show & Tell

For the past week I’ve been working to update our portfolio. Such a project requires skills that I don’t consider that I am really qualified for. However as a part time employee I am the only employee that has time … Continue reading

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Show & Tell

For some reason I seem to be the decorator of choice when it comes to sports designs. I don’t know why I’m particularly talented in this area. I’m not much of a sports fan. (I do like Baseball) Anyway, I’ve … Continue reading

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