New Portfolio Show & Tell

For the past week I’ve been working to update our portfolio.

Such a project requires skills that I don’t consider that I am really qualified for. However as a part time employee I am the only employee that has time to work on such a project.

With the advent of digital photography we have gone from our portfolio being a photo album to being a word document. So I’ve been sorting, editing, and inserting images into a word document. I selected new designs to include in our portfolio and upgrading some of the old photos.

Here’s the new cake designs we added.

In the Baby Shower category:#151 New Nestling_1024

New nestling is a new design andAOP #9_2747


2 colors of baby

Bear in the tub and Plastic babt are improved photos

In the Masculine cake category


#155 Sail boat-3582

A sail boat was added.

In the Childrens section:

#127 Panda2920 airbrush princess0751Balloons and Confetti


aop #63 qtr princess_1830

Panda is a new design the others are new and better photos.

In Floral:#135cherry branch8722we now have cherry branch and daisy chain.


#151 Daisy chain1586

#153 Soccer player3577 #154 Tennis player_3581 133-Soccer qtr sheet1780    Two soccer cakes and a tennis player were added to SPORTS.

and this Leopard Skin design was added to the Lady’s section 128-leopard skin_3526

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1 Response to New Portfolio Show & Tell

  1. I had never noticed the many different edge-trim types before. I like the look of the blue trim on “Happy 8th Birthday Brandon”, and the white scroll type trim on the “Congratulations bride to be Amy”. We have several spring birthdays here. I would sure like to try the scroll trim. Is it very difficult to do?

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