Frugal Fix – Spatula edition

In a moment of forgetfulness I walked away from a pan I had on the stove. With my glass stove top it is easy to forget that the burner is still on. I had left a plastic spatula leaning against the rim of my cast iron skillet. By the time I returned to the kitchen I found nothing left of the spatula but a puddle of smoldering plastic goo. Fortunately being a cast iron, the skillet suffered no lasting damage.

Since that day I have been on the hunt for a new spatula while thrifting.

After several fruitless months I finally came across three nice spatulas at Deseret Industries, where they sell kitchen utensils for 50¢ each.

 I found 2 brand spankin’ new IKEA spatulas and one from Pampered Chef.spatula 1I have a motto I try to keep in mind while thrifting…“There’s always a reason stuff ends up at second-hand stores”- every item should be thoroughly examined before purchase. That evening as I was washing my new utensils I found that the handle of the Pampered Chef spatula was cracked so the blade was no longer affixed to the handle.Spatula 3spatula 4Never fear I was prepared with my handy-dandy basket of “stuff that holds things together” where I keep my supply of tapes and glues.Spatula 5I mixed up some epoxySpatula 6Using a toothpick I worked the glue as far into the crack as I could. Reinserted the blade and wound a couple of rubber bands around to hold the fracture until the glue dried.spatula 8

6 hours later I had a sturdy bond and a useable spatula.spatula 9The J.B. Weld costs $5.69. So it would not have been as frugal a fix if I purchased the epoxy just for this project. I would most likely just take the 50¢ loss and tried to find another replacement. As it turned out I already had the glue necessary for the repair so I rejoice in my THRIFTY FIX!

How about you have you ever bought something second-hand only to find you had nothing but junk on your hands. When it happens to me I take consolation in the fact that in most cases the money went to charity. Secondly I have gotten so many fabulous deals that to miss on one here and there doesn’t hurt (Much).

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7 Responses to Frugal Fix – Spatula edition

  1. I hate plastic spatulas and converted over to all metal a few years ago. I love how you repaired rather than tossed out your “new” one. Keeping a few tools on hand for repairs can save a lot of money in the long run. I don’t buy much so can’t think off the top of my head the last thing I bought that turned out to be junk, but the current chair I saved from someone’s curb is junk. It’s a wooden chair that upon closer examination was made using shoddy techniques and softer wood than you would think should be used on something that gets so much use. Upon turning it over to remove the lose legs and make a repair I found a sticker that said Made in China. No surprise there.

    • I have yet to give up my teflon coated fry pan. I know it’s not healthy, but occasionally its just the right pan for the job at hand. That’s why I continue to have plastic spatulas.

      • I finally got rid of all mine and made the switch to stainless steel, then two years later moved to have no stove 🙂 Gave the pans to my daughter-in-law. Now the rice cooker I use most often has a non stick surface. Hate that about it.

  2. Jenny says:

    I found a small cast iron frying pan at a thrift store, that was very rusty and beat up with large flakes of seasoning coming off. It was priced at 5 or 6 dollars. I mentioned to the cashier that it seemed awfully beat up for that price, so she gave it to me for $1.99, and even helped me find a lid for it that had gotten separated. I was so happy.

    When I got it home my boyfriend took his dremel with a wire brush attachment to it, and had it cleaned out and ready for seasoning in no time at all. Now I just need to wait for a warm day so I can open up the apartment so I can season it without setting off the smoke detector.

    Most of my plastic utensils have little dents all along the handle from resting on the side of hot pans. Luckily I haven’t really melted any yet, although I did melt a little of the tip of one of my plastic spoons. I guess I shouldn’t have used it to stir frying meatballs.

    • I just love a good cast iron rescue story. thanks for taking the time to share it. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who has melted a sparula.

    • That is such an amazing idea for the fry pan. Next time I am not passing up one like that if I can get the price lowered. I usually back away thinking it should have been tossed. this is also and amazing idea to do with utensils. I love to learn these frugal DIY ideas.

  3. Good job on the fix! I’ve got melty spots on one of my spatulas. I set them against the pan and well, there you have it. I have a non-stick pan that I keep for eggs, so need the plastic spatula for that.

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