Tutorial: how to change a doorbell

 Little by little I’m adding personal and decorative touches to my 1978 Rambler.

Over the years, the house has been occupied by at least two families, even so, in a lot of areas it retains that generic builder’s grade look.  White walls, stock light & plumbing fixtures, etc. plain but functional.That includes the doorbell. old close upBeing the nature lover that I am, when I spotted this “New In Package” butterfly doorbell at a thrift store for $1.99, it went right in my basket.new bell 1 The Ross price tag suggests that it’s worth $18.00. 

My father was an electrician by trade. I learned basic wiring skills from him at an early age.  

The following is a step by step explanation of how I changed out the old doorbell button for my new one. It should be as simple as unscrew the old and reattach the new. However it wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped.

After I removed the existing doorbell, I realized that the hole in the siding wasn’t big enough to accommodate the new bell. too small The instructions read:  drill a 5/8” diameter hole or enlarge the present opening to 5/8”.

In order to drill the hole I would have to get the wires out of the way but then they would be lost inside the wall.

My solution was to secure the wires to a piece of twine so I couldn’t loose them, wires seccured dotted lineThen make a series of tiny drill holes and use rasp to get the hole big enough.rasp At that point I was then ready to secure the existing wires to the terminal plate on the new bell.

wire new

And screw the new doorbell onto the siding

closeup new

The house was originally brown.  A bit of the brown paint shows under the new bell.

When the weather warms up I’ll touch it up with  green paint.before 2

after It  took just a half an hour to make this little home improvement.

What do you think of it?

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2 Responses to Tutorial: how to change a doorbell

  1. Good job! It’s nice to know that some improvement jobs can be done fairly easily.

  2. That is so cute, it gives your entry way that needed personalization. What a steal for $1.99!!

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