Cake Decorating Lesson- Borders

Balloons and ConfettiA few weeks ago, commenter Lili asked how to do make some of the borders on the cakes I featured.

I found some instructions on-line that should be helpful.

One of the borders she asked about I couldn’t find on the internet so I’ll show you myself.

Cake decorating is a little like driving a car with a manual transmission. You have to coordinate several motions at one time.

This border uses a rose tip. Here I’ve got a #104. (any rose tip will work)

 Hold the piping bag so that the narrow part of the tip is away from the center of your cake.IMG_3711

Your’re going to make a series of 2-3 inch arcs with small zigzags at the end of each arc.IMG_3713

Start with the decorating tip barely above the surface and about 1 inch from the edge of the cake. Sweep toward the outer edge of your cake and then back to an inch from the edge. As you make the arc increase and then decrease the pressure on your bag so the arc is fuller at the cake edge and narrower at the start and finish. Then make 2-3 zig-zag motions very close together followed by the next arc. Continuing around until you have a complete border.

It will take practice but eventually you’ll be able to space your arcs evenly around the cake.IMG_3718

Any questions? its pretty difficult to put into words and I don’t have any way to make my own video.

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1 Response to Cake Decorating Lesson- Borders

  1. Thank you, so much, frugal spinster!!!! I can’t tell you how tickled I am to try one of these borders. My daughters have their birthday in a couple of weeks and I just want to do a nice cake for them.
    This will help tremendously!

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