IMG_3238 IMG_3241This sight cut me to the quick. Though I have no way of knowing for sure,what I could see as I drove by this dumpster’s contents looked to be in decent condition.

Time is money they say & I think someone didn’t want to go to the effort of dealing with these household furnishings. Sending it to the dump would be fast and easy.

It seems like such a waste though.

Personally I think money could have been saved, or even gained if some creative thought had been given to this situation, resulting in a better outcome. 

There is a low-income mobile home park across the street. A “FREE” pile on the curb would surely have taken little effort and could have blessed others.

Other options include:

 Craig’s list, where the things could have been offered for sale or for given away. http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites 

Freecycle is another option http://www.freecycle.org/ 

Thrift stores are always looking for donations. A phone call is all it takes to schedule a pick-up.

 To give the benefit of the doubt to this dumpster’s filler maybe it was full of true junk.

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1 Response to Dumpster

  1. My mouth fell at the sight of that dumpster. What a waste. I would have gotten some friends to help me pull it all out, I couldn’t have driven away from that.

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