Thrifting on Thursday

Katy the Non-consumer advocate recently asked her readers for advice on several of her belongings. She wanted to know if she should fix, replace or make do with a dutch oven, set of salad tongs and a missing bathroom tile.
She showed us her salad set, featuring what appear to be hand carved spoon and fork with elephant finials.
katy's setToday while I was out thrifting I came across this spoon.
spoonRegrettably it is in no better shape than Katy’s spoon and it’s the fork in her set that could stand to be replaced. Although two spoons would most likely toss salad just as well as a spoon and fork. If the spoon I found hadn’t been damaged I would have purchased it to send to Katy.
vv jarI also ran across this little squat jelly jar.

vv priceValue Village was asking 69¢ for it. I showed the clerk the retail ad I carry with me that advertises them for $7.99/dz.
Let’s do the math:
69¢ x 12= $8.28
Value village was asking 3.5¢ more than retail.
I have pointed out this kind of price discrepancy before and just been told, “I’m sorry we price all our mason jars at 69¢”
But today the clerk sold me the jelly jar for 35¢

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  1. Good job, I like the little mason jar.

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