Follow up stories

Yesterday I showed you the Resurrection Garden Centerpiece I made.

Follow up story #1

I completed the project and brought it inside. I became sidetracked no surprise. Finally remembering that I needed to clean up my mess I returned to the picnic table that had been my work area. I noticed that the moss was scattered; I suspected some critter had made its way onto my porch looking for food. A bit later, I walked by the window and my presence caused a wren to take flight. I put two and two together and came up with the wren was using my moss to line its nest. wren_4011

Further observation proved that the bird is not only collecting moss from my porch but building its nest in a birdhouse I have out “just for decoration” nest box

I am happy to be a landlord.

Follow up story #2

As a cake decorator I’m always noticing designs that can become cake decorations. As I constructed my resurrection garden centerpiece I was thinking, cake, mousse, frosting etc, etc, etc. So our desert on Sunday was:
 resurrection cake_4080 Resurrection Garden Cake

I airbrushed black food color on a hard roll for my stone. A small paper cup was the tomb (I would have preferred an ice cream come so it would be edible but I was afraid the moisture from the mousse would cause the cone to collapse) The cake is filled with strawberry mousse. I mounded mousse around the cup for my hill, then covered it with a very thin layer of cake. The rocks are candy coated chocolate and taste like M&Ms. I used the same sticks to make these crosses but I cleaned them before putting them in the cake.

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2 Responses to Follow up stories

  1. Congratulations on becoming a landlord, even if it is more of a charity case than a money making venture.:-)

  2. Heather says:

    I love the cake! I made a resurrection centerpiece, but hadn’t thought of a cake.

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