Right now Im….

…So glad that spring is here. Although we’ve been getting more than our share of April Showers.umbrella …Scrubbing out old flowerpots p0t wash….So thankful I have a covered back porch, where I can work on projects like this even though it is raining.

I’m going to spray paint the pots so they all match. This is in preparation for Fred Meyer’s plant sale this coming Saturday

small949444Fuchsias and Geraniums are on sale. They will provide soil and do the planting if you bring a pot.

…hoping the fuchsia I overwintered in the garage will survive

old fuchsia

….Planning a dinner party for my sister’s upcoming birthday.listI still need a vegetable dish. Got any suggestions?

….Listening to Steve Gregg’s on line lectures, “The Life and Teachings of Christ” http://www.thenarrowpath.com/verse_by_verse.php#Volume1

While I listen, I’m knitting hats

knittingWith this yarn I bought at a yard sale.

4-27-12 G sale_0103

I was only interested in the Rubbermaid storage tote but she wanted to sell the yarn inside too. I offered to buy just the tote for $5 , but no deal.

I plan to donate the hats to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, who minister to men & woman on the streets.

….Frustrated that I’ve been working on this post for several hours. It takes me SO LONG  to prepare a post for my blog ( that’s why I’m such an irregular blogger).

 What are you up to?

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5 Responses to Right now Im….

  1. I was enjoying spring, then winter decided to return. So right now I’m cold and putting off some needed grocery shopping. I’d say you got a great deal on the storage tote you wanted 🙂

  2. Right now, I’m resting, trying to get enough energy to make dinner. I babysat 6 very energetic boys for 3 hours this morning, and they about did me in.
    And I am thanking you (thank you, frugal spinster) for the reminder on Fred Meyer’s plant sale this weekend!

  3. Lisa says:

    I suggest Green Beans Almondine for your vegetable dish. Of course, that’s only if you like green beans.

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