Show & Tell Sunday

I know, I know I’ve been lax recently but Sundays at afrugalspinster are dedicated to showing off some of the cakes my co-workers and I have decorated.
We’re heading toward Wedding season. Here in the Pacific Northwest the most predictable good weather comes in late July and lasts through September. During that 10 week period we do a LOT wedding cakes. However people get married 52 weeks out of the year and things are already picking up.
Before weddings come Bridal showers so that’s what I’ll feature this week.IMG_3683tea time_1366quarter sheet wedding cake_3351aop#69_2427IMG_3681IMG_3929

pink & black girly party cake_2390

Some are simple. Some are fancy. Some are over the top. All convey good wishes to the bride to be.

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1 Response to Show & Tell Sunday

  1. They are all beautiful. The third one down actually looks like it could be fabric from a wedding gown.
    For my daughters’s birthday, I tried to do the scroll edging. It looks like I’ll need to practice that a whole lot more! After much practice on a plate, I decided to go with what I knew I could do. And fortunately, my daughters don’t expect anything extraordinary from me!

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