Swim Shoes

Sometimes second hand shopping can be a S-L-O-W process. It can take months to find what you want, in good condition, for a price you’re willing to pay.

Last Friday my sister told me one of her foster girls needed a pair of swim shoes. She told me her size and asked me to keep an eye out for them while I was thrifting?

The very next day I stopped at 3 thrift stores on my way home from work. Eastside Community Aid and Value Village share a parking lot so it wasn’t like I did a lot of driving from store to store. At ECA they were having a half off everything sale. I found a pair that were marked $1.75. That made them 88 cents. However I was looking for size 3 and the shoes were size 12.

Having never shopped for children I am unfamiliar with sizing. The size 12 looked smaller not bigger than the size 3 I needed for a 9 year old.

Across the lot to Value Village I went- Nothing there.

St. Vincent’s is only a mile down the street from my house so on the way home I swung in for a look see.


SVdP $3.99 5-11-13 

$4.99 but I had a 20% off coupon, making them $3.99.

A summer of fun awaits.

I just love it when a need arises and the thrift stores “just happen” to have what I’m looking for on my next visit.  It’s such a blessing. I wish I had recorded all the other times its happened.

Did you ever find just what you needed, just when you needed it? Tell me about it in the comments.

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2 Responses to Swim Shoes

  1. Great find!

    Once I broke the dish part of a casserole dish and lid. I was stuck with just a lid for several months. Then I thought to check VV and sure enough, they had the dish and not the lid!

  2. You just reminded me of another of my “right time, right place” experiances. I broke the lid to my crock pot and my very next stop at a thrift store provided me with a lid that fits perfectly.

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