Just one of the reasons I shop at Cash and Carry Restaurant Supply Store

Muffin/cup cake liners at Fred Meyer/Krouger:  muffin liners @ FM_1507

Package of 36- $1.19

At Cash & Carry:muffin liners_1487

500 for $3.39

Buying 500 cupcake liners at Fred Mayer/Krouger would cost me $16.53.
I realize that not every one is the baker that I am.

I make 6-Week Bran Muffins regularly.
6 week bran muffins_8312

Recently I tried a recipe for Applesauce muffins. applesauce muffins5145

I used a recipe I clipped from a magazine years ago but you can find the same recipe here.


I realize to be totally frugal and green I could do w/o liners all together. But at .006 cents each I can afford them and I compost them after I eat the muffin.

Muffins are just easier to handle when they have papers.

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1 Response to Just one of the reasons I shop at Cash and Carry Restaurant Supply Store

  1. lilimounce says:

    Hi frugal spinster,
    One way that I’ve always looked at using paper liners is the time, butter (to grease the tins) and dish soap that I save. I save time, so I can move onto the next task quickly, Butter is not cheap, and that’s what I use to grease the baking tins. And the washing out tins, that have just been buttered with no paper liners, is not one of my favorite things. And I’m much more likely to bake muffins from scratch, instead of buying something pre-made.

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