Refashioned 99 cent blouse

I found this Lane Bryant blouse at St. Vincent de Paul last Monday. Pink tags were the special of the day.Lane Rryant blouse 99 cents_5407

I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m always attracted to black & white prints. They speak crisp, clean, and summery to me.

This blouse has no signs of wear.Though the price and fabric were perfect. It did need a little attention.

I made three small changes and now its ready to join the rest of my thrifted wardrobe.

5650hemmed sleeveI shortened the sleeves. It’s very seldom I find store bought garments with sleeves long enough for my arms.

Added a button and button hole to the front5672Buttonhole

And adjusted the bust seam to fit me5645bust line

Simple alterations that I realize may not seem that simple unless you have knowledge of garment construction and enjoy sewing as I do.

I now have a high quality custom fit blouse that cost only 99¢ and took a couple of hours to alter.5654afterWhen I post about projects I do, would you prefer detailed tutorials like yesterday’s about the bolster or just quick summaries like today?

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3 Responses to Refashioned 99 cent blouse

  1. k says:

    Just found this post and if it’s not too late to add my 2 cents worth…yes, please detailed how to instructions are super helpful especially when it seems like a simple thing being done but isn’t simple at all when you have no idea where to start. I have a lot of donated way too big for me long sleeve button down shirts that are really nice fabric. I see on refashion sites where they say “oh, so simple, I just hacked off the arm, redrew the arm scythe and cut and cut and then re-fit the sleeve and poof, was done”. I look at these shirts I have and don’t want to ruin them. How do you redraw an arm scythe and what and where is it supposed to go? Any ideas or do I just go for it, throwing caution to the wind figuring I have nothing to lose.

    Enjoy your site immensely.

    • k says:

      what made me think of arm scythe was you changing the bustline seam. Looks simple enough but not for somebody that never did it. just wondered if you plan and plan and draw and pin or if you just do it.

      • I can relate with your feelings. Even though I have years of sewing experiance, giving me a good idea of clothing construction in general I still am in awe of some of the refashing blogger. For this blouse I just winged it, but I used a basting stitch so if I was wrong it would be easy to remove. Then I went over the basting with a regular length stitch when I knew I had it right. I’ve never actually had to change a sleve scythe before, I think it could be tricky without knowledge of pattern drafting.

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