The Organized Thrifter

I have the best of intentions when it comes to living an organized life. Reality is that I fall far short of my goals.

You see evidence of this in the fact that my blog doesn’t come out on a regular basis. (Although since my TV broke I’ve been more productive than normal)

One thing that I have been able to keep organized is my approach to second hand shopping.

I have a shopping tote that I keep in my car. It contains all I need when I go thrifting1a-tote5453

In it I carry  a “trapper keeper” lip balm, water bottle, tape measure, pen & paper.1b-stuff_5458

Inside the “Trapper Keeper” I keep a ruler, receipts, my frequent shopper cards, and my cash allowance.2.pouches5464

Sale calendars from stores I frequent.3-colored tag _5461

Color swatches and coupons5-color swatches5465

And sales fliers from retail stores.4-retail prices5460

This way I have everything I need in one place. Whenever I go shopping I can compare prices (some people use their smart phones for this but I have to do it the low tech way), see how soon an item will be marked down, or check to see if the thing I’m considering is the right color.

There is also a list of things to keep an eye out for like a rake to replace the one that broke when I was spreading wood chips.

Friends and family often ask me to look for things for them too. In fact some of the cash belongs to my sister (she has a separate pouch) so I can shop in her stead.

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