Dear Bride -to- Be

Please choose a wedding/reception venue before you order your wedding cake.

Dear readers, allow me to rant just a little bit.

 We had a wedding cake ordered for Friday June 28th.  But as of 2 weeks ago when the final payment was due, the bride had not told us where the cake was to be delivered too. Upon payment the bride still didn’t know where she was getting married so she said “I’ll let you know”

On Thursday of this week she called and changed the delivery from Friday to Saturday and gave us the name of a local wine tasting room.

Her’s happened to be the last delivery of the day and when I arrived at the tasting room I told the proprietor I was here to deliver a wedding cake.

In reply I got a blank stare, until I mentioned the brides name.

It turns out that the bride rents the basement of the tasting room where she operates a floral business.

The tasting room lady let me into the basement (through steep narrow stairs) As I took the three tiered 110 serving cake down the steps sideways, I heard her say”I cant’t look”

 5816Angela BellThe cake is now sitting on the counter in the florist work room. Who knows when or where the wedding will be?

Did I mentioned that we are experiencing a heat wave in Seattle (upper 80’s- go ahead and laugh but it just doesn’t get that hot here usually) and it’s not good weather for cakes.

Here’s a few more of this week’s wedding cakes. 5781Joe welch


We also did a lovely pale green cake with lavender ribbon and swiss dots. I didn’t get a photo of it. It went right from my van to the hotel’s walk-in because the bride requested delivery 4 hours before the reception. It’s apparent we will need to double check each and every order and confirm with the contact person on sight.



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