Wedding Cake Show & Tell

This weekend we did one of our most original cake designs. That made it sound like it was original to the bakery, not so. We executed the design but, this couple designed their own cake. Representing a climb up the stairway of their relationship.5958 jon & Jada

They labeled each step with a word that is a necessary part of a marriage.

On-line they found a company who makes custom wedding figurines. The ordered caricatures of themselves portraying how they are making it up the stairway.

At the bottom of the cake Jon and Jada are looking up at the path that lies ahead of them.5959looking

On the next step Jada is reaching up for Jon’s help to make it to the next level. 5960Jon helping JadaThen Jada helps Jon up one more step.

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4 Responses to Wedding Cake Show & Tell

  1. Linda Wirth says:

    Missing your posts, hope all is well.

    • Everything is fine. I just lack motivation right now. I still have lots of ideas to share but sitting down to get them into words is difficult for me so I’m taking a break. When Summer comes to an end I’ll probably get back to blogging.

  2. How cool, I love how different this is!

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