Trick or treat frugal spinster style



I know it’s been months since A Frugal Spinster sent out a blog post.

Summer 2013 was amazing here in the Pacific NW and sitting down at the computer to write a blog took low priority.

I won’t promise I’m back to blogging regularly just yet  but I wanted to share what a FRUGAL Halloween looks here.

Candy was pretty rare treat when I was growing up. Halloween was the annual opportunity to have all the candy I could ever wish for.

My youngest brother is allergic to chocolate (as well as a bunch of other things) every year on the day after Halloween we had a big candy swap. The three allergy-free children traded Lifesavers for M&Ms, Sweetarts for Butterfingers, Lollypops for Hershey’s bars until Jimmy had traded away all his chocolate.

As fond as my memories are of Halloweens past I shutter to think that the Halloween treats I hand out add to my neighborhood children’s sugar high.



As an alternative to candy bars I’ve doled out such things as tiny boxes of Raisins or Dollar Store toys.

This year is truly frugal as well as sugar free. I came across little boxes of crayons at Goodwill $1.99 for 15 of them.

On another occasion I was tossing some cardboard in the recycle dumpster at work when I saw an unopened box of Microwave Popcorn. I decided to include popcorn with the crayons as treats.

As a Christian I don’t want to focus on the scary & evil side of Halloween.

I found Christian tracts for children online. I don’t remember what they cost but 100 were just a few dollars. My supply has lasted for years since I don’t get many Trick or Treaters.

I pack these three items in bags and I’m ready.


A special welcome to kskeg, who became a subscriber to Afrugalspinster this week. Good to have you following me. Say Hi to kskeg everyone.

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1 Response to Trick or treat frugal spinster style

  1. We’re not into the ghoulish side of Hallowe’en, either. It creeps me out, and I don’t think it sends a very good message to kids of any age.
    For treats this year, I just bought one bag of candy, as the number of trick or treaters has dropped quite a bit over the years. I am hoping we go through the entire bag, then I won’t have the leftovers to deal with. I really like the idea of giving out microwave popcorn. It’s relatively wholesome, but still fun. And the leftovers would be easier to deal with. I’ll look for that next year, I think.
    Good job on the treats, frugal spinster!

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