Happy New Year

In 2014 I plan to:

Fix my leaky toilet


Have additional lighting added to my living and dining rooms.

Inventory my belongings for insurance purposes. (This should also include some decluttering)

Clean off my desk.

desk mess 1-1-14_2702

Complete the MANY sewing projects I have begun but lost interest in.

Lead monthly nature walks in my neighborhood park.


Learn to use my new camera.

Sell some stuff on Craigslist.

Make some jams & jellies to use as gifts.

Get new glasses.

broken glasses

To take a trip to the Eastern US to visit friends.

Figure out how the MP3 feature on my tracfone works so I have something to listen to while I fly to NYC & New Hampshire.

Get back to showing you pictures of cakes.

2686.librarian cake

I tend to think about things, a lot more than I take action on things.

In 2012, blogging about eating my (not quite hoarded) stockpile of foodstuff was a great motivator. As my followers know I haven’t blogged for months, I just haven’t had motivation.

So once again I will start off the New Year by declaring my goals to the world and see if it gives me the needed incentive.

Do you have great intentions that never come to fruition too or am I the only one?
What works for you?
If you know how to load MP3 files onto a Tracfone LG505C, please let me know

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