Goal #2 Add Lighting to Living & Dining Rooms

 better lighting_2802
My home was built without any light sources in the living or dining rooms.
I have 4 lamps that I use to light the area but still it seems dark all the time, especially in the winter months.
Today I took the first step in completing this goal. I contacted three electric companies and will soon have quotes to compare. If the project is very expensive I may have to delay the work until I save up the cash to pay for it.

Do you have tips for me on how to choose a contractor?

What kind of lighting do you have in your living & dining rooms?

Please leave a comment.

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1 Response to Goal #2 Add Lighting to Living & Dining Rooms

  1. birdlybird says:

    I don’t have any tips but I am flabbergasted any home would be built without lighting! That’s the weirdest thing and ultimately very annoying for occupants!

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