Have you wondered whyI haven’t posted anything?

In February we had one day of snow.

I forgot that I was supposed to be a responsible adult.

I decided that I wanted to slide down the hill.

I slid OK. Right into the Emergency Room!

3288in sling

I shattered my wrist.

I had surgery and months of physical therapy.

I have a hard time typing to begin with and the broken arm didn’t help so I just forgot about blogging for the time being.

Hopefully, I’m motivated enough to get back to it now.

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2 Responses to Have you wondered whyI haven’t posted anything?

  1. Lisa says:

    I have missed your posts. I’m sorry you have had such misfortune, but I hope you are mending well now.

  2. lilimounce says:

    Ack! I had no idea! I’ve been checking your blog about once per month to see if there were updates. I hope your arm has totally healed now. It must have been very painful! This must have impacted your ability to work, as well. So sorry this happened to you.

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