New shorts to wear in this hot weather

Like I said we’ve been having some uncharacteristic HOT weather.

I needed some shorts to wear.

I perused the second hand stores but didn’t find any shorts I would wear in my price range ( Extremely CHEAP).

I did find a $1 pair of floral pants that would be perfect for refashioning.floral pant self portrait 

Turning pants into shorts should be an easy task. Simply cut the legs to the desired length. Where do you think the term “cut-offs” came from?

This pair was a bit more complicated than that as the legs of the cut off shorts were too snug around my thighs.

To solve my dilemma I split the side seam, cut a gusset (triangular shape) from the cut off portion, and sewed it into the open seam. (Sorry no step-by-step pictures)


By doing this adjustment I added 3” to each leg. I now have a cool comfortable pair of floral shorts.



Do you do any refashioning? Tell me about it in a comment.

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1 Response to New shorts to wear in this hot weather

  1. Great idea, adding the gusset! One of my daughters has saved an old pair of jeans, and wants them made into shorts, but as you found, hers are snug in the thighs, and wishes for a roomier fit. I’ll try adding a gusset on hers.
    I’m with you on the price point for shorts — extremely CHEAP! I wear shorts maybe one week per summer, here. So, my one and only pair have lasted almost 15 years now!
    Thanks for the tip on adding a gusset!

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