Dumpster Diving and a Rant

I live just a few houses away from an elementary school.

My daily “walk the dogs route” takes me through the school property to a small neighborhood park. I often make use of the schools dumpster as we pass by.

Each June teachers  empty their classrooms into the dumpster. I have learned through the years to check the dumpster right after school is out. There is always lots of good stuff for the taking.

This was one of my hauls last month.

dumpster diving4494

What am I going to do with all this stuff? 

I’ll save the scrub brush to use when mine wears out (it appears to be unused). The spiral notebooks each have just a few pages that are written on, I’ll use them as scratch/note paper. There is enough Elmer’s for a couple of glue bottle refills. I’ll take the makers to work. Scissors, glue stick and tape will go in my office supplies.

I don’t need the wastebasket, beads, or pink dolphin. I’ll keep them out of the landfill by donating them to a second-hand store. Someone will want them.

I don’t have pictures but I’ve also found 3 plastic hanging file boxes, 2 area rugs, scores of page protectors, multiple 3-ring binders, and a large bookshelf.

The schools are teaching children to be environmentally conscience but, they don’t provide a very good example.

I don’t mean to be unsympathetic to the legitimate needs public schools face, but why doesn’t someone organize a Thrift Store Pick-up for all the useable stuff?  I can’t feel too sorry for cash strapped schools who don’t have room in their budget for needed supplies when the very supplies they need go in the dumpster.

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1 Response to Dumpster Diving and a Rant

  1. I can’t believe they just threw that stuff out! It seems like they could use a cupboard in the building to organize leftover supplies, then allow teachers to “shop” that cupboard at the end of summer, before heading out to the stores. Where is their common sense?

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