A Particularly Frugal Day

Frugality is a lifestyle for me that I don’t even think about most of the time. I do frugal things on a daily basis without giving it much thought but occasionally so many frugal things fall into place that I stop and take notice. Such was the case recently.

I know some of my readers are just beginning to adopt a frugal lifestyle and they might like to know just what that looks like in day-to-day experience.

Others, like myself do frugal stuff regularly but get a thrill from reading of the successes of other frugal minded people. For both categories of readers I offer details of a particularly frugal day.

So many of my frugal ways all came together on this one particular day that it will take me all week to tell you about it.  

Today you just get a few photos as a tease.

 Eco Cubs

recycled foil

where there is smoke


dinner of ravioli

Come back tomorrow to read more.

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