A Particularly Frugal Day- Part II


WOW! I got several “likes” and a couple of new followers from the first instillation of my frugal day post. I hope the rest of the story is equally popular.

For several years I have volunteered at a neighborhood school, helping with an after-school club called ECO CUBS. Eco Cubs offers forth – sixth graders opportunities in outdoor learning activities and environmental awareness.

How is this frugal? As well as the satisfaction of passing on my love of nature to the future generation, I get a lot of entertainment from my time spent with the children. Two hours of FREE entertainment every other week is FRUGAL entertainment.

Eco Cubs 

As a thank you gift the teacher-advisor of the group gave me a gift card to Wild Birds Unlimited. I immediately knew that I wanted to use it to purchase a new finch feeder (one the squirrels can’t raid). 

Gift card in hand I set out.

The agenda for the day:

Wild Birds Unlimited

Grocery shopping


Visit with my sister.

I stopped at four thrift stores: two Goodwills, St. Vincent de Paul and Deseret Industries.

44136-25-14 Lynnwood GW $3.04 

At the first Goodwill I picked up:

A bag full of toothbrushes (to be donated to a rescue mission)

4 jelly jars. Goodwill sells all mason jars for 20¢ each. I make homemade jams and give it as gifts so I’m always on the look out for inexpensive jelly jars.

A puppet pattern. I just think it’s cute. I love to sew and some time in the future I’ll need a gift for a child.

Total $3.04

Next stop Deseret Industries

4412 6-25-14 DI$1.37

I spent $1.37

ornament holder

On a hook to display one (of my many) bird ornaments.

towel storage

and a basket that I’m using as towel storage but I may come up with a differant use later on.

At my second Goodwill I was delighted to find.

GW feeder

The very finch feeder that I planned to get with the WBU gift card. Although it needed a good cleaning it was in perfect condition. The price at GW is much more reasonable with tax it came to $4.37.

I’ve always got my eye out for found money, and for some reason I always find a penny or two at this particular Goodwill. So I was a little disappointed when I left without finding anything. That is until I got to the parking lot where I found not a penny but a dime.

dime in parkinglot

My 4th thrift store was St. Vincent de Paul. I didn’t find anything there. 

To be continued……….

Do you pick up change (or bills) you find on the ground? Why or why not?

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3 Responses to A Particularly Frugal Day- Part II

  1. unchienne says:

    Info on occasion. Depends on where I’m at. For example, I’m not going to stop for a penny in the Walmart parking lot. Too many crazy drivers. However, I work at a school and invariably find a coin at least once a week in the parking lot.

  2. Mrs. GV says:

    I always pick up money that I find if I can do it safely. My 6 year old nephew seems to run across pennies quite frequently and my mom tells him they are from his Papa in heaven. I am not a religious person but I find it a sweet thought nonetheless. 🙂

    I love that basket, and in fact have two of them myself that I found at a yard sale. One holds old towels and the other smaller old cloths in the top of my laundry closet. With a child around, plus 3 dogs, a cat, and 6 newborn kittens we go through a lot of old towels/cloths!

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