A Particularly Frugal Day part III

Yesterday you read about my very productive morning of thrifting.

After the thrift stores I went to Wild Birds Unlimited. I had to come up with a Plan B for my gift card since I found the feeder I wanted at Goodwill.

WBU price  GW Price

After telling the sales clerk my GW story she suggested I buy a rain shield for the feeder. Perfect, as the rain shield was just a few dollars more than the value of the gift card.

The feeder with rain shield hanging on my fence

The feeder with rain shield hanging on my fence

From there I went to the grocery store where I picked up a whole body fryer for 99¢/lb. And 4 packages of flour tortillas, on sale for $1.99 each.


My mother taught me the best deal is on the heaviest chicken. The skeleton of chickens no matter how big or small weigh about the same. If you choose a small chicken you are paying more for bones.

heaviest chicken

After the grocery store I stopped by my sister’s house. She is also very frugal. I think it is in our genes.

She had been making some homemade ravioli and gave me some to take home


When I got home it was time to start dinner.

I wanted to BBQ my chicken so I started up the grill. I got this grill from FREECYCLE

It’s a charcoal grill and starting the briquettes is a little smokey. So smokey, that one of my neighbors came over to see if my house was on fire.

where there is smoke

I prepared the chicken with some olive oil and garlic, but since the garlic in the garden wasn’t ready to harvest

garden garlic

I had to use dehydrated garlic chips

Once the coals were hot, I put the chicken in a $2 garage sale roasting pan & put it on the BBQ.

chick on grill

Meanwhile it was getting late. I was hungry and the chicken wouldn’t be  ready for at least an hour.

I pulled some spaghetti sauce from the freezer,

Spagetti sauce

zapped it in the microwave while I cooked the ravioli. I didn’t have any French bread to make garlic bread with so I spread garlic butter on a slice of sour dough toast and called it good.

dinner of ravioli

 Come back tomorrow to see how I finished up my frugal day.

 Is frugality a way of life in your household?

Do you incorporate a few frugal ideas into a more traditional life style?

Are you just beginning to get interested in frugality?

Leave a comment telling me about your frugal journey

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2 Responses to A Particularly Frugal Day part III

  1. Sharon Parsons says:

    I am totally inspired by your frugal nature and loving heart. Not only are you helping yourself but others as well. Now, all I can think of is all the opportunities I have let pass me by. Offers of free things that I ‘thought’ I wouldn’t need……..things I could have passed on to others…That is my ONE BIG FRUGAL LESSON FOR TODAY…..Never say no to anything….It can always be re-made/re-housed/re-gifted or whatever…………….Thank you once again. Sharon Parsons

    • I’d say don’t pick up free stuff “in case” only if you have a strategy in place for blessing others with it or you may end up just hoarding. If you pass it by maybe the next one to come along will be the one with a need for the stuff.

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