A Particularly Frugal Day Recap

Here we go

in no particular order…

1. shop at thrift stores

2. Find volunteer opportunities that provide FREE entertainment

3. buy groceries on sale

4. purchase the heaviest chicken available

5. use masking tape to label freezer containers

6. except free food from friends and family

7. Freecycle (remember to give as well as receive)

8. Use rice and beans to stretch your food budget

9. make big batches of food and freeze left-overs

 10. grow your own garlic

11. use home-made jams as gifts

12. pick up coins you find

13. shop at garage sales

14. sew home-made gifts with supplies from second-hand stores

15. reuse your foil wrap as many times as possible

Not strictly FRUGAL but two points to keep in mind

Be thankful for neighbors who look out for your safety

Share thrifted bargains with less fortunate people


Fifteen frugal activities in one day, not too bad.

 What frugal ways did you employee today? Tell me about it in the comments.



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3 Responses to A Particularly Frugal Day Recap

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about your frugal activities, this week!
    Something we do here, because water has become rather expensive — we collect water in an ice cream pail in the kitchen, from rinsing produce or hands that are lightly dirty. The collected water either goes into the washing machine (if clean enough) or out onto the garden. I collect about 6-8 gallons of water per day this way.

    • I do that too. Additionally I save my shower water for the flower/vegetable garden. I plug the tub so the water collects. After the shower I bail out about 12 gallons to water with. It may sound gross, but the dirty water is just barely ankle deep.

  2. Lisa says:

    I love your posts about all your frugal activities. I especially enjoy seeing your thrift store finds! I like the idea of finding ways to volunteer that also provide free entertainment. Here is an idea for you that I considered for myself but never followed through on. I live about an hour away from a city that has a small symphony orchestra. I enjoy hearing them, but the tickets are pricy. One year, I found out that they had a volunteer program. They needed people to help with ushering responsibilities in return for getting to hear the concert for free. I seriously considered doing this, but ultimately decided that this kind of volunteering would have to wait for a different time in life, as there were various other factors (work schedules, distance, driving conditions, etc.) that made it not a practical option for the present. If you enjoy cultural activities like concerts, live theatre, lectures, etc., you might want to check if any of these opportunities in your area have similar volunteer programs.

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