“that’s not what it was intended for”

Did you ever break something only to be told, “it was never meant to be used that way”

I find that in my frugal lifestyle there are lots of situations where I have to make do with what I have on hand and that often means using something for other than it’s intended purpose.

Bykeeping an open and creative mind I often see potential in something that is outdated and therefore throw away or donated to a second hand store.

5026.lable making

For instance:

Remember 3 ½” floppy computer disks?

These labels were bagged together with something I purchased from a second hand store. Knowing they had some potential I’ve held on to them.

I’ve been making jam and need some canning labels.

5032collection of jams

Using a circle punch and the floppy disk labels I’ve found a cost free solution.

Leave me a comment if you do the same thing.

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