Easy Cheap Bread crumbs

I recently saw bread crumbs on the grocery store shelf. It had never occurred to me that bread crumbs were an ingredient  to purchase. I thought everyone made their own like I do.

Name brand Progresso were on sale for $2.04progresso on shelf

marked down from $2.29

store shelves

the store brand were  on sale for $1.59.


When I need bread crumbs I collect stale bread, dry it out in a warm oven (or even let it air dry)3 food processor

I fit my food processor with the shredding blade.


Chop the bread to fit in the feeder shoot.

4 bread crumbs

Run the food processor, and Wa, La! bread crumbs.5 last

I store them in mason jars. If I want flavored bread crumbs, I just add some herbs.

I can think of several advantages.

1. less packaging

2. less expense

3. less food waste

Do you make your own bread crumbs?






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