Infinity scarf DIY

You know by now that I’m an avid thriftier.

I love my neighborhood St. Vincent de Paul Store for several reasons. It is less than a mile from home. If I don’t watch myself I’d go shopping every time I drive by. The friendly staff do a good job of keeping the merchandise nicely displayed. They have half-off sales at least once a month and they have a big 50 cent bin.

Clothing that hasn’t sold after some set amount of time ends up in a big blue bin and is sold for 50 cents each.

I don’t think I’ve ever found anything I wanted to wear in there but it can be a great source of  fabric for my many sewing projects.

12-5-14 svdp

One day last month I found a suede skirt, a wetsuit and a sheer top.

50 cent blouse

I’m far to modest to wear anything this sheer but I love the colors in this floral print.on the cutting table

I don’t have step-by-step photos but this was a very simple project.

I laid the blouse out on my cutting board and used a rotary cutter to cut 4″ strips. I sewed the strips together and hem both edges.

I’ve never been one to wear scarves much, but I love this one and wear it every opportunity I get.

Finished Scarf

Finished Scarf

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2 Responses to Infinity scarf DIY

  1. Bobbie Henderson says:

    I like this a lot. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the suede skirt. The men’s shirts and sweaters at thrift stores are a great source of sewing fabrics, too.

  2. lilimounce says:

    Very clever! I may have to keep an eye open for this kind of shirt, on my Sundays at SVdP’s 99cents sale.

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