Moss Wreath-

I admired the moss Wreath Katie at Creatively Living hung in her entry way.

I was impressed that her wreath was an inexpensive DIY project using supplies she had on hand.

However being a FRUGAL spinster, I’m always determined to make things as cheaply as I can.

Moss is everywhere, here in the Pacific Northwest; cracks in the sidewalks, on the roofs of almost buildings, and thick carpets of it on the forest floor.  If it doesn’t move, it will soon be covered with moss. So it only took a short walk around the yard to find the moss for this project.mossy rock

Finding the wreath was a bit more work. I knew I’d eventually find one at a thrift store. I came across several. Some were used, some unused but none were my price point-dirt cheap! Eventually I came across this one at Deseret Industries. 3443. Deseret $1Gorgeous, don’t you think? But at $1.00 the price was right.unassembled

I undecorated it, saving the jingle bells and holly leaves for some yet unknown project. I couldn’t conceive of a reason I’d ever use the cellophane bows though so in the trash they went.gluing

I used hot glue to adhere the moss to the wreath. When I noticed the moss hanging loose in a few areas I used “Tacky Glue” to stick them in place, just because I didn’t want to wait for the hot glue gun again. The two glues seem to have worked equally well.

IMG_7197finished wreath

A touch of nature now graces my family room fireplace.

Do you use wreaths (DIY or not) to decorate your home? Do you rotate them seasonally? Tell me about it in the comment section. I love hearing from readers.



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1 Response to Moss Wreath-

  1. lilimounce says:

    Very nice, Linda! I like that.
    I do hang wreaths seasonally. I have a spot in the entry hall where I rotate them, a spring one that I showed on my blog 2 years ago, March, a summer one, with some of my seashell collection (also showed on my blog summer of 2012), an autumn one (purchased, has gourds on it) and a Christmas one, actually a swag, not a wreath, but it hangs in the wreath place. I like the moss wreath idea. I had wanted to do some boxwood square wreaths for the kitchen. I may try to do moss ones, instead. Thank you for sharing!

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