Thrift Store shopping with AFRUGALSPINSTER

I love reading blogs about amazing second hand store finds.

I feel like my second hand purchases are far less exciting, but I decided to show off my frugal finds none-the-less.

I try to hold myself to only purchasing things that I truly will put to good use, occasionally I fall for something just because its a great price, sometimes I regret it most of the time not.

I ‘m going to do a few post showing how well “thrifting” has worked for me.

January 10, 2015 -Value Village- $8.741-10-15 Value Village My bathroom, hall, office and family room light fixtures use these “flame” type light bulbs. The bulbs retail at $4.75/2 pack.  I got 3 bulbs for $1.99. BCCH at feeder

The birds seem to think the feeder was a good purchase and so far no problem with squirrels raiding it. Retail price $26.95, mine was $5.99.siskins

The $3.99 Thistle feeder I got last June is popular with the pine siskins, I hope the goldfinch will eventually find it too.            

January 13, 2015- St. Vincent de Paul-$3.38 IMG_6783

Soaker hose, 50₵ plaid shirt, 50₵ green pants, 50₵ fleece jacket

My neighborhood St. Vincent de Paul has bins of clothing that are marked down to 50₵ each.bins at SVdP

I love digging treasures out of those bins. The plaid shirt and fleece jacket have been donated to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. I’m planning a refashion project with the green capris. But since I’m currently wearing long johns and polar fleece a project involving summer wear is not high priority on my to-do list.

I’ll use the soaker hose in my flower beds.

January 13, 2015- Deseret Industries-$2.741-13-15Deseret Inustries$2.74

Sleigh, Unfinished Candlestick, Goldfinch mug, Notebook paper

UGM distributes school supplies to underprivileged students so I donated the paper to them.

I hope to one day make a winter display using a collection of sleds.

bedroom shelfFor years I’ve had a single white candlestick displayed on a small shelf in my bedroom. IMG_7172I picked up a short candlestick from a FREE PILE at a garage sale last summer and I plan to paint all three to make a better looking display.

new arrangen=ment candleWell, this is still a work in progress, I’m not thrilled with this arrangement, but I now have three candle stick that I’ll eventually put to good use.

January 13, 2015-Salvation Army-$5.61 1-13-15 Salvation Army $5.61

Canning kettle, 6-Shaving cream

The shave cream has been donated to UGM.

When my mother passed away I inherited her canning supplies. This included a cold pack canner, but I already had my own. Not needing two canning kettles, I sold one on Craig’s list. It sold quickly. Shortly after that I saw a kettle for sale at a garage sale for $3. My recent success on Craig’s list led me to believe I could make a profit by reselling the $3 kettle. One success led to another and I now buy any cheap canning supplies every time I find them and put together Canning Kits that have include things like jars, jar lifter, canning book, lids and rings, and a funnel. My total cost is always less than $10. I’ve sold them for $25. I’ve done this many times now. It’s the only real success I’ve had at reselling.

January 15, 2015- Value Village- $9.81 (used $3 off coupon) IMG_6811

Polar fleece

This will become more hats.

January 16, 2015- St. Vincent de Paul-$1.10 IMG_6819

Two shirts from the 50 bins the black one goes to UGM. IMG_7101head covering

The pink shirt is made of 95% cotton, 5% spandex, nice and stretch.

I made it into a head covering to wear at work.

What have you found at the second hand stores lately?

Do you go for small everyday stuff? Are you looking for clothing? furniture? Leave me a comment about your thrifty finds.


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3 Responses to Thrift Store shopping with AFRUGALSPINSTER

  1. I love thrift stores! I live on the Florida gulf coast and my favorite one to go to is the Waterfront Rescue Mission, the proceeds go to the homeless. The one in my town is literally the size of walmart! It’s huge and I never leave empty handed!

    • Thanks for commenting.
      I visited Fort Meyers in 2010. I loved Florida (at least in November, I’m not sure I’d like to visit in the Summer). Most of my time was spent bird watching but I did check out one Goodwill. It was also a very large store.

  2. Sharon Parsons says:

    I found your blog by accident whilst looking for frugal singles. I live in Australia (Geelong Victoria) and am 61 years old and on a disability pension. I live in public housing and have a small backyard where I grow some Veggies and herbs. I have a lovely fig tree that is now about 7 feet tall and a small apple tree. I try to reduce, reuse and recycle where I can. I recently got several large bins of horse manure (free) so my garden is well fed. (My worm population has increased tremendously since it’s introduction. Last week I was given two huge bales of leaf litter which has dressed the front garden beautifully. (It’s Autumn here) In the common area of the units (there are two courts, each with 18 units) we have apple and plum trees. I made apple puree and plum preserves from them and donated jams to Peoples Pantry (a group who help feed low income earners). I also grew (for the first time) pumpkins! I got three! I gave two away to family members and will make pumpkin soup to share with my neighbors. I am putting your blog on my favorites as I have already learned so much from reading your blog and have lots of creative ideas from you. Thank you so much. Sharon Parsons

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