More thrifted goodies

January 17, 2015 Value Village $4.36 IMG_6890 Tooth brushes and Hair brushespurple brush

I didn’t get a good picture of the problem but, my round hairbrush has lost so many of the plastic nobs at the ends of the bristles that is is downright painful to style my hair. I picked this purple hairbrush up years ago at Value Village. It was new in the package.

So I’ve been watching for another such deal to come my way.

These brushes were not new but they appeared to be high quality and very lightly used. The round one has a $13. Price tag on it.

I know used hairbrushes have a very high ICK factor, but I considered that beautions use the same brushes on all clients. They must be cleanable and disinfectable.cleaned  brush

I found lots of hairbrush cleaning tutorials on-line and I’m satisfied that the brush is now safe to use.

The tooth brushes are for donating.

January 17, 2015  Goodwill $2.18IMG_6878


I placed this in the plug behind the sofa in my family room. Now I don’t have to move the sofa to use that outlet.

January 17, 2015 Goodwill $8.80IMG_6887 

Canning Funnel, Fancy edge scissors, Adhesive dots, Long underwear top, crayons, tissue packets, canning jars

If you read yesterdays post you know why I’m collecting canning supplies.

I used the scissors and dots making lables for a fundraiser for Eco Cubs.

I’m saving the crayons for Trick or TREATS.

We’ve been having a mild winter but I’m still getting plenty of use from my long underwear.

January 17, 2015  Value Village $4.37scrapbook paper

Scrapbook paper

Also used for the Eco Cubs lables

January 19, 2015 Saint Vincent de Paul $2.761-29-15 svdp $2.73

2 tee shirts, Polar fleece jacket, Storage tray,

The clothes go to Union Gospel Mission.

99C Tray7063The 99₵ storage tray helped me turn this:

into this:  After7070


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