Thrift store finds continue

January 22, 2015, Heaven Sent $10.941-22-15 heaven sent $10.94 Bookshelf

I could have waited for better quality, this one is veneer over partical board and/or lower price, it cost $10. but I had been looking for some time for a shelf to keep my appliances on.IMG_7210

The best thing is not having my mixer on the top shelf. I’m getting too old for that kind of lifting.IMG_7213

January 28, 2015  Goodwill $1.281-28-15-GW $1.28  Three mugs for my “Bird” mug collection. I’m especially happy to find this oneNew Hampshire souvinier

I may have found and purchased it in Washington but I’ll always consider it a souvenier from my New Hampshire vacation. It replaces this one that I did actually buy in NH but it’s not as souveniery.orig.NH Mug

January 28, 2015  Goodwill $11.671-28-15 GW $11.67

Mariner Logo Polar fleece, Tan heather turtleneck, 2 mason Jars, Canning Cook book, Bread book BH&G BooksI have quite a collection of BH&G cookbooks. I’ve enjoyed every recipe I’ve tried from them.

Frugal Girl often shares recipes on her blog that come from the 1973 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Bread Book. I already own the 1979 edition but because of her recommendation I’ve been looking for the 1973 edition for several years and am so happy to have finally found it.

The Canning book and jars will go in my next Canning Kit.

The principle behind a turtleneck is that the snug fitting neckline traps your body heat to keep you warm and toasty. I bought a heather tan turtleneck years ago but I’ve been disappointed with it because the neck was too floppy so it wasn’t doing its job well. Before purchasing this one I made sure the neckline would fit snuggly.

The polar fleece is for more hats.

January 28, 2015  Goodwill $6.991-28-15 GW$6.99 Mini first aid kits & Polar fleece

First aid is for UGM and look how well the touquise polar fleece goes with the Mariners print I picked up earlier.mariners hats

January 29, 2015  Goodwill $2.751-29-15 GW $2.75

I was down to one glue stick so I’m glad to have found these second hand before I had to go out a purchase them at retail, which would be twice as much. I don’t currently have a “plan” for the fancy scissors but I’m sure they will be useful somewhere down the line.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. See you then.










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1 Response to Thrift store finds continue

  1. Lisa says:

    I enjoy reading your thrifting posts. It’s fun to see the way you find ways to reuse things and bless others!

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