Afrugalspinster’s Thrift store finds

Feb. 7, 2015 St Vincent de Paul-  $2.722-7-15 SVdP $2.72

50₵ Bin: PJs, Tee shirt, Red turtle neck sweater, Storage box 50₵, Sage green bowl 50₵

Blue has been my lifelong favorite color. Over the past 5 years or so I’ve found myself attracted to sage green in many situations. Sadly this bowl was not good quality dinnerware and the first washing produced a tiny chip and after the second washing I found a larger chip missing from the bowls rim.

Now you see a pair of PJ bottoms,PJ bottoms

Now you see a pair of hats. deer hats

The plastic box was just right for storing my for punchesI kept the red turtleneck sweater for myself and donated the tee shirt to UGM along with the hats.

Feb. 7, 2015 Goodwill $3.542.7.15 GW $3.54

3 qt. jars & 5 jelly jars $1., Jar lifter 69₵, Loon coasters 99₵

February 7, 2015 Jubilee REACH Thrift Store & Furniture Bank $1.302-7-15 Jubilee Reach $1.30

Flannel fabric 99₵, Loon mug 50₵ .

Just making my purchase I noticed a small chip or a manufactures flaw, I was debating whether to get it or not when they offered it to me at half price and I took it.

Now my loon mug can sit on a loon coaster

Two of my friends will be giving birth this spring. I don’t have specific plans yet but that’s why I picked up the flannel.  LOON coaster & mug

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