President’s Day Sales

Any holiday is reason enough to have a SALE at most thrift stores

February 16, 2015 President’s Day

St. Vincent de Paul $ 2.80

Everything Half Off!

2-16-15SVDPRubber duck soap dispenser 50₵

Missionary Biography 39₵

2 shirts from the 50₵ Bin

The shirts are going to the Union Gospel Mission

I usually rely on the public library for my reading material but, Missionary stories are one of my favorite genres of book and for 50₵, I decided to SPLURG.

duck & greenThe pump on my sage green dispenser broke a few months ago so I’ve been watching for a cheap replacement. The duck had the same sized cap and at 50₵ it was indeed a frugal fix.

2 dispencers @ sinkOnce again hand soap and dish detergent sit side by side in matching dispensers. Of course both of these dispensers came from second-hand stores.

Deseret Industries $1.92

2-16-15 DI $

D.I. NEVER has sales but their everyday prices are so reasonable that I don’t mind a bit.

Snow 75₵, Jar lifters 50₵ each.

Salvation Army $1.10

Everything Half Off!

2-16-15 Salvation Army

3 jelly jars $1.00

Shoreline Goodwill $6.52

President’s Day Sale, Blue tags 99₵, Pink and Green tags 40% off.2-16-15 GW

Pencil box (craft supply storage) 60₵, Mason jar 20₵, 6 Tissue packets (for donation to Men’s Mission) $1.19, 5 pair of summer sox 99₵, 3 yards of blue fabric 99₵. Be watching for a future post on what I intend to do with this fabric.

It’s difficult to see in the bottom right is two packages of peel & stick Name badges with birds on them. There were actually four packs of badges but only two had birds so I re-donated the other two. 50 badges 60₵.

bird badgesI give home canned goods, mostly jams & jellies as gifts. I got the badges so I can make canning labels from them, which look much nicer than just writing on the lid.

I hope you enjoy “shopping with me”

I work hard to not just bring stuff into the house and then never put it to use. Blogging hopefully inspires others but its the motivates I need to actually follow through with my plans. For instance because I had to show you how the name tags became labels, I actually got around to labeling my canned goods.

Do you find yourself buying it more and using it less or do you only buy what you need?

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  1. Anny says:

    Your labels are so cute!

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