Easy $100

I have more “thrifty finds” to show you, but I want to tell you how I picked up an easy $100.

Greg and Susan are planning a major remodel of their home. So BIG that they won’t be able to live in the house while construction is going on.

The initial plan was to stay at a hotel during the remodel. They are both professionals and have plenty of money. That being said, who wants to add a hotel bill to the cost of the remodel?

Susan was poking around on eBay and saw a Airstream Bambi up for bid.

If her’s was the highest bid they could live in the Airstream instead of a hotel.

She  WON!

They will park the trailer on a concrete slab in their back yard. While the slab is being prepared they needed to park the trailer somewhere.

Susan offered me $100 to let her use my yard as RV storage for a few weeks. IMG_7265Which I gladly excepted.

That’s not all, she insisted I display her pink flamingos too.


I think they’d be happier in sunny Florida.

The trailer had previously been used as an office on a used car lot. The kitchen had never been cooked in. The shower had never been used. The beds had never been slept in.

After the remodel is complete they will list the Airstream on eBay again. They hope to get at least as much as they paid for it.

I don’t think they will have any problem as it is a limited edition 75th Anniversary model. Only 75 were produced.

Do you have a story of making money by doing nothing? Tell me in the comments.


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