Another thrift report

February 18, 2015 Value Village $4.42Glory-s shirpa


Glory (one of the dogs I walk) has nerve damage in her back. She can no longer walk. In September she got a “wheelchair”IMG_5681

She occasionally gets hung up 5286learning to maneuverbut for the most part she gets around great. Our daily walks used to be at least an hour long but she tires easily now and is ready to rest after about 15 minutes. Lola and I still want to walk so now I put Glory in her stroller and the three of us do our usual hour (or more) walk.  I thought Glory could use some extra padding so I used the Sherpa to make a mat for her stroller.

I just happened to have picked up some elastic a while back, at a thrift store of course.elastic_7362I sewed it to the corners of the Sherpa so it would cover the existing floor mat, but still allow the Velcro to grip the bottom of the stroller. finished corner7402nonshalaunt7403at first Glory seemed nonchalant about the new cushion, but I think she likes it.nice ride7407

February 18, 2015  Goodwill 80₵

I’ve probably said this before but it bares repeating. Goodwill has the best prices on Mason Jars 20 cents a piece. As of last December now qualify for a Senior discount. Wednesday is Sr. Discount Day so I got 5 jars for 80 cents.2-18-15 GW 80cents

2 jelly and 3 quart jars


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3 Responses to Another thrift report

  1. Anny says:

    Aww Glory looks much more comfortable!

  2. Margo says:

    Love your mason jar prices. Our Goodwill (Goodwill of Northern New England) Doesn’t have ANYTHING under $1. every once in a blue moon there might be a 2/$1, but that’s it.

  3. Yes, I like that they have some things marked at flat rates like the mason jars. I have found some high quality kitchen gadgets/utensils in the 69C bins too.

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