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Sunday Show and Tell

For a roller skating party: For baby showers: Lambs for a first birthday: Pirate theme: Do you have a favorite? Mine’s the roller skates.

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Frugal Gift Giving

  My friend Tara loves horseback riding. She volunteers at a stable. She takes riding lessons. She loves horses (and just about anything related to horses) She also loves to bake and cook. My friend Fred and his wife are … Continue reading

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There is something SO wrong with this

I have fond memories of late nights around a dimming camp fire, small tree branch whittled to a sharp point suspending marshmallows over the glowing embers, chocolate bar and graham cracker waiting nearby. When the golden blisters on the marshmallow are just … Continue reading


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I’m so disappointed

In Goodwill. Recently I walked in on a Monday to be greeted by this sign: Until now select tag were marked down to $1.29 on Monday. That’s not the only change they have made to their pricing. Select tags were marked … Continue reading

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This weeks show & tell

This honey bee cake was a one to make. This cake was for a grandfather and two of his grandchildren. Another one of the grandchildren, a four year old, was asked What shall we put on the cake?” his answer, “a rainbow, a … Continue reading

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Freecycle solution

My sister’s collie Glory is 12 years old. Technically Glory belongs to my sister, but we refer to her as a time-share dog. Her original owner was our mother. Sadly she had a stroke when Glory was only a few … Continue reading

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another grocery tote

This one started life as a pair of jeans. I found them in the 50 cent bin at St. Vincent de Paul. I was so eager to get started, that I forgot to take a BEFORE photo until I had begun removing … Continue reading

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Repurposing Thrift Store Finds

On February 21st I bought these binders at Eastside Community Aid for  $1.50. I used them to stabilize the bottoms of Shopping bags I made with the blue fabric I bought at Goodwill on Presidents day I question the USDA’s claim that … Continue reading

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Chicken as Afrugalspinster does it

Whole body fryers often go in sale for 99 cents/pound. Last week they were on sale for 88 Cents/#. I bought two. One to eat now and one to freeze. I roasted the first chicken, you’ll just have to trust me … Continue reading

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Sunday Show & Tell

Two birthdays one cake Baby Shower Cake Tiffany Blue is very popular.

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