Adding Curb Appeal

Well, I’m not sure how much my little project improved my home’s curb appeal, but it didn’t hurt it any that’s for sure.

I found this NIB kick plate at a garage sale.G sale kick plateCan you see the price sticker?

Let me help:$1 price tagYes, One dollar!

Home Depot:home depotOne little problem, although the kick plate was new in the box, it had been opened and the screws were missing.

My locale Ace Hardware  had just what I needed. 10 @12C eachI taped the kick plate in place, drilled pilot holes, and used my $1.20 worth of screws to hold it in place. ready to workTotal cost of project=$2.20

Instillation time 37 minutes.


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2 Responses to Adding Curb Appeal

  1. lilimounce says:

    It looks nice, and will stand up to shoes being used to push the door open when you’ve got your hands full, like with groceries!

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