Spring has sprung!

It’s nesting season already.

I pick up a bit of extra cash by walking dogs. Each afternoon we go to a local park. I always bring my binoculars and bird watch while the dogs sniff.IMG_7198

This week I found a Hummingbird on her nest. ANHU Nesthumming bird nest

While I was watching the hummer I noticed a Chickadee working at a nest cavity nearby.BCCH nest

Further down the trail I came upon a Hairy Woodpecker excavating a nest hole.HAWO Nest

She’s well under way.dig deepCavity nesting birds such as Chickadees and woodpeckers need decaying snags to build their homes in. I think that the reason I find so many nests in the park is because it is the only place the birds can find snags. What was once woods is now human housing and most people remove snags if their yard’s trees die or break in a wind storm.

Take a walk in the woods near your house and let me know what you find.


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