I’m so disappointed

In Goodwill.Renton GW6713

Recently I walked in on a Monday to be greeted by this sign:$1.79 GW sign

Until now select tag were marked down to $1.29 on Monday.

That’s not the only change they have made to their pricing.IMG_7783

Select tags were marked down to 50% off on Thursday, they would continue at that price through the weekend and then be $1.29.IMG_7781

Now they are 30% off Thursday & Friday, 50% off Saturday & Sunday.

I’m pleased to see that (at least so far) Value VillageVV 99 cent sign and St. Vincent de Paul

99 cent sign @ SVdPContinue to have 99 cent Mondays.

INHO if the thrift stores would lower their prices overall they could make more money and move their merchandise more quickly. Have you ever seen how over crowded they are at times. So many books, so many vases, so many knic-nacks that you can’t even see what’s for sale.

While I’m ranting about increased prices….grapefruit juiceI treated myself to bottled grapefruit juice recently. I noticed that the bottle felt different in my hand. I looked at the label to find that it is now 60 oz. not 64.64 vs 60 oz. I wish they would just be honest and just raise the price if they have to, because although I’m never happy to pay more for my groceries, the thing that is most upsetting in this case is that for every 16 bottles they sell one more plastic bottle will end up in the land fill.

End of RANT!

How do you feel when you see prices go up?


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