There is something SO wrong with this

I have fond memories of late nights around a dimming camp fire, small tree branch whittled to a sharp point suspending marshmallows over the glowing embers, chocolate bar and graham cracker waiting nearby. When the golden blisters on the marshmallow are just right it’s was time to sandich all three elements together and enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures the S’MORE. (S’mores are so named because you always want SOME MORE. )

Simple that is until someone realized there was money to be made by moving production of  this delightful treat from the camp ground to the kitchen.

While perusing the aisles in thrift stores I’ve come across more than a few contraptions that claim to give you the s’more without the campfire.

Some use a regular oven

smore to love

like this S’more to Love brand.

Some use the microwave oven

$5.99 GW Progressive

like this Progressive S’more maker. $5.99 at Goodwill.

as seen on TV Micro Smores

or this As Seen on TV version. $4.99 at Value Village.

75 cents at DI

but I found one at Deseret Industries for just 75 cents.

Some are powered by electricity

$10.99 Hershey SA

Like this Hershey S’more Maker, $10.99 at Salvation Army.

Isn’t the little “fire” cute?

plastic fire

Some use Sterno fuel

$10.99 Roshco SA

Like this Roshco brand

I’ve seen it at Value Village for $6.99, and Salvation Army for $10.99. It originally sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $34.99

$7.99 Hersheys GW

And this Hershey S’more Maker that was $7.99 at Salvation Army but $5.99 at St. Vincent de Paul.

Some even use real fire

$4.99 smore grill basket

Like this $4.99 S’more Grilling Basket at Goodwill

$3.99 Smore grill SA

or this one at Salvation Army for $3.99

As for me I think I’ll build a camp fire and sharpen a stick and make my s’more the old fashioned way.


How do you like your S’mores?

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