Frugal Gift Giving


My friend Tara loves horseback riding. She volunteers at a stable. She takes riding lessons. She loves horses (and just about anything related to horses) She also loves to bake and cook.

My friend Fred and his wife are continually tweaking their flower garden.

Fred and Tara both have spring birthdays.

What’s a frugal spinster to do?

dalhia post card

A Dalia Club holds their annual tuber sale at a neighborhood church. I purchased some tubers for my garden and picked out some for Fred too.

Now, how to wrap them.

Because I’m  a packrat frugal I have a stash of boxes. I found this one that was just about the right size.


I don’t have much in the way of masculine gift wrap in my closet. Purchasing a roll of giftwrap at retail would have been as much as the tubers. NOT frugal!

Looking closer at the box I realized that it was a pretty good looking box as is.


Except for a sticker on one end. Nothing a felt marker couldn’t handle.IMG_3477

I decided to cut the letters of FRED’s name from gift wrap, and glue them to my black box.


I tucked the tubers and planting instruction inside and checked Fred’s Gift off my to do list.

Now on to Tara…

I always check out fabric while second hand shopping.

taras fabric4547

When I came across this horse print I thought of Tara. I purchased it with no specific plans in mind.

Then weeks later I came across these.

Horse fabric

As Tara’s birthday approached I thought about what I could make with my collection of Horsey fabric. An apron seemed to be the perfect project.

Tara's B-day Apron_4718

I think she likes it.

Do you hold to your frugal ways when it comes to gift giving? or do you allow yourself to spend a little extra?

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1 Response to Frugal Gift Giving

  1. lilimounce says:

    Yes, I’m somewhat frugal even with gift-giving. My thoughts are that if I’m frugal with the gift-giving then I can give even more. 🙂

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