Shopping Trip Dilemmas

I planed to make a roast chicken with stuffing the other day.

I needed to  run to the store for onion, and celery for the stuffing.

My shopping list also had strawberries on it.

I grow my own strawberries but I’ve used up last year’s supply. It will be a while before I can harvest any this year.strawberry plant

I don’t use much celery so when I need it I usually buy just a few ribs. If the store doesn’t sell celery by the rib, you can still buy just a few ribs if they sell celery by the pound.

I got to the store and they were only selling celery by the stock.

$1.29 isn’t a lot of money but knowing I don’t go through a lot of celery and not wanting to waste food I hesitated to make the purchase.

The next nearest store is only 3 miles away. I considered just going there for my groceries, but gas and time made me just go ahead and get the whole stock. Decades ago I was told that every time you start your engine it cost 50 cents. I can only guess that with today’s prices that figure has increased dramatically.

Then I ran into another dilemma. Fresh or frozen berries? I use the berries in smoothies so price would be the determining factor. Fresh strawberries were $6.99 for a 2# clam shell. Frozen were $6.99 for 40 oz. Frozen it is!4-9-15 Safeway $

I went home and made my Chicken.roast chickenTo insure I don’t let the celery go to waste I’m snacking on Stuffed celery sticks.celery & smootie

What kind of grocery dilemmas do you run into?

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2 Responses to Shopping Trip Dilemmas

  1. Jenny says:

    You can freeze your extra celery. just chop it into small pieces, and toss in a zip loc or container. When you thaw it, it will be mushy and watery, so no good for eating raw, but just fine for throwing in a cooked dish like stuffing, spaghetti sauce, or soup. I don’t usually bother to thaw it first, just toss in in frozen.

    You can also save the leafy bits from the top and center, freeze them, and throw them in with chicken bones next time you make stock, and seeing that chicken in the picture, this looks like a good time for it.

    • Your suggestions are good ones. I did make broth with the leafy stems, chicken bones, and some carrots. I’m still hoping to use the celery while it’s fresh but if it gets wilty I’ll toss it in the freezer.

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