Five Frugal Things

Following the example of Katy the Non-consumer Advocate, I’m doing a “Five Frugal Things” post where I list 5 things I did today that can be classified as frugal.

1. I worked an extra shift for a co-worker who had a dental appointment. I’m looking forward to the bigger than  usual paycheck.

2. When I saw a excavation project going on in my neighborhood I asked for their extra dirt. I’m sifting it to make a new flower bed rather than buying soil.pile of dirt


Glory Supervised

Glory Supervised

3. I cooked chicken bones in the crockpot to make broth.

4. I walked to the library.

library books

5. I sprouted mung beans for tomorrows Chow Mein.bean sprouts

How about you? What does your frugal day look like?

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3 Responses to Five Frugal Things

  1. lilimounce says:

    I counted 6 things — you WALKED to the library, and it was the LIBRARY, and not a book store!
    That’s great that you got all that dirt to use for your garden!

  2. susan trumbo says:

    I was frugal today as well – I walked to the library and picked up 5 books, stopped by the park to read and let the sunshine bless me instead of needless shopping, bagged up spring clothes that weren’t worn for our local mission, and weeded my flower bed to get ready for planting. I live in a senior complex and they provide each of us with a flat of flowers (pansies this year) to brighten our yards. Oh and I also boiled the bones left over from a rotisserie chicken I was gifted on Sunday.
    I do enjoy reading about your frugal adventures – thanks !

  3. It sounds like we have very similar lifestyles.

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