It never hurts to ask

I stopped at Value Village to see if I could find some new (to me) sweat pants.

I found two identical pair. Identical that is except for the color. One was gray the other black.sweat pants

Then I looked at the prices.

For no apparent reason the black pants were $2.00 more.differant price tags

I took both pair to the cashier and asked if I could have them both at $3.99, if not I wouldn’t buy the black ones.

Her explanation was that different people had priced them. She called for a supervisor, who was nearby but involved in a conversation with another customer. When her supervisor didn’t respond to her call she just made the executive decision to give me the price break.

I’m very thankful to now have two new pair of sweat pants. Working in the garden gets my clothes dirty fast.

Do you challenge prices? Do you ask for a better deal? Do you just pay the higher price? Do you walk away without making the purchase?

I say “It never hurts to ask” the worst that can happen is you get NO for an answer.

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2 Responses to It never hurts to ask

  1. susan trumbo says:

    Yes, I do indeed subscribe to the “it never hurts to ask” belief. I’m crazy about the Levi’s brand jeans, but who would pay $30 and up for a pair?
    Just last week I found 2 identical pairs marked $6 each. Like brand new, so a very good deal – except the button rivet that closes the top was missing on both. Asked the manager who sweetly said “how about .99 cents a pair? Yes, please – and sold.
    And the funny part is I picked up a brand new rivet kit at a church flea market the week before for .25 cents. It just “spoke” to me – now I know why. Jeans are repaired, and my budget is happy.
    I think when you are older – like me – and very polite, thrift store staff are usually very accommodating.
    And once again – your blog is simply wonderful 🙂 I wish more folks lived a frugal lifestyle. I had to begin to do it because of early retirement and now love it 100%.

    • I’m glad you like my blog. Congratulations on the jeans! What a deal? It certainly pays to listen to that inner voice (especially when it’s just 25 cents that’s at stake).

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