That’s how many meals I got from 1 roasted chicken.

Day 1’s Dinner:roast chickenRoast chicken with rice stuffing, cinnamon carrots, cole slaw.

Day 2 Lunch: Chicken PaniniChicken Panini

Dinner: chicken & gravyLeftover chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots

Day 3 dinner: platedCorn-crusted Chicken and Turnover Cole Slaw.

Day4 Dinner: cobb saladCobb Salad

Day 5 Dinner chow meinChicken Chow Mein

After a week of eating chicken I never felt like I was eating the same thing day-after-day.


1. Original Chicken dinner

2. Chicken Panini

3. Leftover Chicken w/ gravy

4. Corn Crusted Chicken Turn over

5-12. Frozen Turnovers for 9 future meals

13. Cobb Salad- it’s missing tomatoes but that’s because I’m too cheap frugal to run to the store for lack of one ingredient.

14. Chicken Chow Mein

15-18. 4 portions of Chow Mein in the freezer for future meals

I boiled the carcass too for future soup.

The whole-body fryer cost $5.53, so the meat in each of these meals cost just 30 cents.

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