Freezer Inventory

I’ve had a terrible time keeping track of what’s in my small chest freezer (as well as the freezer compartment in my refrigerator) and using it up in a timely fashion. Its so easy for it to be forgotten, “out of sight out of mind”.

Hating food waste as I do, I’ve made several attempts to track what goes in and what comes out but with very limited success.

Recently I devised an inventory method that is working for me.

As you know,I make family sized recipes and then freeze the leftovers.

chow mein for freezer

I put a masking tape label on each serving.freeze

Then I make a note with the title, date and number of portions.intentory

Each time I eat one of the portions I remove the masking tape and stick it to the note. I have tried checking off each portion as I used it but sometime I forgot, sometimes I checked it off when I pulled it from the freezer AND when I actually ate it. By using the masking tape labels that HAVE to be removed when I wash my storage containers, it has become a habit to move the sticker to the note and then I KNOW that portion is used up.IMG_clipped on fridge

The notes hang on my fridge door using a magnetic clip.

Do you have a method for organizing your freezer?

Please, leave a comment and tell me how you do it.

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