Today is the day

Somehow I failed to schedule this to post last Thursday…goodwill post cardThe much anticipated grand opening of the Juanita Goodwill.

My schedule won’t allow me to be there when the doors open. I won’t be one of the first 300 who will be rewarded with free giveaways. But I won’t be trampled by the mob of customers either. I’m not in the market for any clothes right now but I’ll peruse the other departments.

Specifically I’m hoping to find a food processor. food processorNote to self: don’t try to shred chicken bones again, you will strip the gears on your food processor.

( I had been collecting odds and ends of chicken in a bag in the freezer. I was planning on making Burritos. I didn’t realize that I had put a leftover chicken thigh, bone and all, in the collection until I was feeding the chicken through the shredder and the food processor came to an abrupt halt.)

I also recently broke my neti pot and hope to fine a replacement. Netti pot

Note to self: don’t pile a sink full of dishes on top of your neti pot.

I’ll be back soon to let you know what I think of the new Goodwill.

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