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Sunday Show & Tell

One baby Four cakes $170 It may not be frugal but it provides job security for me. In cultures where infant mortality has traditionally been high. There is great celebration when a child reaches its first birthday. The mortality rate isn’t … Continue reading

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Wait and See

I often play a game of “wait and see” when I’m thrift shopping. MY RULES: See something you like Ask yourself, ” what are you willing to pay for this item?”, if it is marked higher than that Note the color … Continue reading

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Dark-eyed Juncos

I left my sliding door open while I was doing this & that both in the house and in the back yard.  I walked in and heard baby bird cheeping in my kitchen. On closer inspection I found 2 baby … Continue reading

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99 44/100 % frugal

Most of the time I eat food prepared at home from scratch, but I do treat myself occasionally. Saturday my wedding cake deliveries took me past This place holds fond memories. When I was a child one of our regular family … Continue reading

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Sunday Show and Tell

You might think I’d have a plethora of Father’s day Cakes to show you today. However none of out Father’s Day orders requested custom designs. I do have some other cakes to sow you though

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A Day of Thrifting

The bakery sent me on an errand Monday. It took me 35 miles to the south and put some spending money in my pocket. So of course I checked out the thrift stores in the area. 1st Goodwill 2nd Goodwill these … Continue reading

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Sunday Show & Tell

Graduation season is upon us. Orders for graduation cakes have been trickling in for the past couple of weeks but this week-end is the our busiest for graduation orders. So busy, that I couldn’t take time to photograph most of … Continue reading

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Five (or more) Frugal Things

Preparing for the outdoor living season,  I washed and repaired my old eclectic collection of patio furniture instead of purchasing the latest and greatest style. I have some tomatoes that need to be eaten. It’s hot! 80+ degrees! Seattleites melt … Continue reading


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Home grown goodness

I don’t grow a lot of my own food but my garden does produce some of the food I consume. Like the chives for my Twice-Baked Potato and the strawberries in my smoothies. Are you harvesting from your garden? Leave … Continue reading

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Five (make that 10) frugal things

Time for another Five Frugal Things post but I can’t just stop at five… Monday is often my errand day. As usual I batched my  errands (1) to save money and time. The To-Do list included getting my oil changed. I went to … Continue reading

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